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What are the differences between switch and router?
May 25,2018 22:28:09
In daily life, the Internet often uses switches and routers. Many people only know that they are the devices used to connect to the Internet, but little is known about their differences and functions. In the spirit of science and learning, ETU-Link sorts out some of the content to share with you.

The differences between switch and router:
◆ The router can assign IP to your LAN automatically. Virtual dialing, like a traffic policeman who directs your computer where to go. 
Switches are used to distribute network data only.
ETU-Link switch

◆ The router can assign a IP to many hosts, which display only one IP externally.
The switch can connect many hosts, each of these hosts has its own IP.

◆ The switches operate in the relay layer and the switches are addressed according to the MAC address.
The router works at the network layer and is addressed according to the IP address. Routers can handle TCP/IP protocols, while switches cannot.
SPF switches

◆ The router provides a firewall service, switch cannot provide this function. Routers only forward data packets for specific address, transfer of data packets that do not support routing protocols and transfer of unknown target network packets are not delivered, thus preventing broadcast storm.

◆ For example, a router is equivalent to a small post office, just one address (IP), responsible for sending and receiving for one place (personal computer, some server, so you need it on your home network). The switch is the big postal center in the province, responsible for contacting each small place by one address.
Simply router is in charge of network, switch is just deliver. Routing means finding the way for you to surf the Internet. The switch is only responsible for opening the door. You can't get on the internet if there is no routing on the switch.

The above is the relevant content about the difference between switches and routers, hope they are helpful for you!

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