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Talking about the influence and characteristics of static electricity on optical transmission equipment
June 25,2018 14:51:15
Talking about the influence and characteristics of 
static electricity on optical transmission equipment
With the transmission rate of optical transmission equipment increases and the degree of integration increases, the circuit board of high-speed transmission equipment is also more and more sensitive to static electricity.There are two main types of optical transmission:optical transceiver and high speed digital circuit.

In our daily life, we can see the small static electricity, the static electricity is strong in winter , it is very likely to become stealth killer of the optical transmission equipment .So what are the hazards of static electricity to optical transmission equipment?What are the characteristics?Today let's study together!

The hazards of static electricity to optical transmission equipment

Electrostatic discharge (Electrostaticdischarge. ESD) is a big harm for electronic equipment applications.The main performance is electrostatic discharge can cause damage to integrated circuits, piezoelectric devices, film resistors, thin films, and thick film solid state devices in electronic devices,thus increasing the maintenance cost of electronic devices and prolonging the maintenance time, thereby reducing the use of electronic devices. 

Electrostatic damage to optical transmission equipment has four characteristics:
1)Concealment:  in general,electrostatic damage to optical transmission equipment, the human body can not perceived, of course, except electrostatic discharge.Because the human body is aware of the voltage of electrostatic discharge is 2-3kv, the electrostatic discharge of the human body may not have the feeling of electric shock, so the static electricity is concealed.

2)Latent: manufacturing technology of optical transmission equipment components is more and more higher, the damage of components caused by static electricity to the optical transmission equipment generally only causes the performance of the optical transmission equipment to have a certain degree of change, but it does not drop significantly. Generally, it is very difficult to find during the maintenance of the optical transmission equipment.However, multiple electrostatic damages, especially multiple electrostatic discharge, can cause internal injuries of optical transmission equipment components and affect the function of optical transmission equipment.

3)Randomness: from the manufacture of a component to optical transmission equipment, until the element damage, all the process will be threatened by static electricity.From this perspective, the damage of electrostatic to optical transmission equipment is random.

4)Complexity: the damage of static optical transmission equipment influence the performance of the equipment, because electronic components products is very small structure characteristics, so the equipment routine maintenance is difficult, and require regular maintenance has higher technical level.Some electrostatic injuries are also difficult to distinguish from other causes of damage, causing people mistake the static fault for other faults.At the same time, daily maintenance personnel is easy to think that the failure of single board components is caused by other factors, which covers the real reasons for the failure of components.Therefore, the analysis of the damage of the single board electron device in the optical transmission equipment is complicated.

The SFP module contains many precise optical elements and circuit elements. In daily, we need to do the electrostatic protection work, otherwise it is very easy to damage the optical module.

ESD protection should be kept in mind
1)ESD protection must be done (such as: wear anti-static gloves and anti-static wrist strap which can prevent electrostatic damage), try to contact the optical module shell, instead of touching the optical module PIN feet;

2)Keep the humidity of the environment where the optical module is used at about 30 to 75% RH;

3)It is strictly prohibited to carry out hot plugging and unplugging operations on non-hot plug-gable devices.

I hope I can let everyone understand the impact of static electricity on the optical transmission equipment on above sharing, and do a good job of anti-static work during the operation so that the equipment and products can guarantee their normal service life and even longer. Thank you for your patience!

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