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Warranty Policy

ETU-Link Technology Co., Ltd smoothly passed ISO9001IS20000 quality system certification, not only enhancing the monitoring capability in the process of production, but also passed a series of electronic product certifications,such as ROHSCEFCCTUV; the quality of our products have reached world-class level; Provide products and services with quality system protection for customers.

ETU-Link Warranty:3 years

ETU-Link make sure that provide the wanrranty service under the conditions of the warranty coverage. Product defects, malfunctions, or failures caused by Force Majeure (flood, fire, storm, lightning, sea oxide, rain or water immersion etc.) or exceeding working temperature specified in product specification are not within warranty coverage.


1. Warranty invalid if damage/dysfunction caused by improper handling/usage , destruction.

2. Warranty invalid if serial label is removed, broken.

3. Warranty invalid if disassembly by end-user or non-ASUS-authorized repair centers.

Customers must provide RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) information before sending the defects back to ETU-Link for repair. Any defective item returned without RMA information, ETU-Link has rights to reject or not repair at its own choice.

For more information about our RMA process, please visit our RMA  Policy page.

RMA Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process:

1. Provide order date/order No.

A. Check the warranty period(Three-year warranty)

Within the warranty period, we can provide customers free return service.

※ Over the warranty period, the product maybe over the service life, if the customer requests to return and repairWe provide maintenance services, but not free.

B. Check the the specific product information and requirements of the order.


2.Provide product information

A. The quantity of the order

B. The product model of complaints and the corresponding quantity


3. Inform us the problem types

A. Quality problems(A small number of products damaged)

B. Compatibility problems

Device model for product application, eg: Cisco Catalyst 3850 Huawei9303

SN of the problem products(Easy for the engineer to check the code of corresponding product, find the solution to the problems)

The specific information read out when the module is plugged in the device (Easy for the engineers to analyze the problem, then propose the solutions)


If the customer doesn’t know more information about the device , then

Kindly refer to the following contents to the customer,ask customers to provide similar information:

dis transceiver interface XGigabitEthernet1/0/0 verbose


XGigabitEthernet1/0/0 transceiver information:


Common information:

  Transceiver Type               :10GBBASE_SR_XFP

  Connector Type                 :LC

  Wavelength(nm)                 :1550

 Transfer Distance(e)           :40km(SMF)

  Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  :YES

  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI      n 

  Vendor Part Number             :10GB-XFP-ER   

  Ordering Name                  :


Manufacture information:

  Manu. Serial Number            :1401060758    

  Manufacturing Date             :2014-01-10

  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI      n 


Alarm information:


Diagnostic information:

  Temperature(¡ãC)                      :32

  Voltage(envy)                         :3.35

  Bias Current(mA)                      :34.83

  Bias High Threshold(mA)               :90.00

  Bias Low  Threshold(mA)               :3.00

  Current Rx Power(dBM)                 :-6.37

  Default Rx Power High Threshold(dBM)  :1.00

  Default Rx Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-20.00

  Current Tx Power(dBM)                 :0.99

  Default Tx Power High Threshold(dBM)  :6.00

  Default Tx Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-3.00

  User Set Rx Power High Threshold(dBM) :1.00

  User Set Rx Power Low Threshold(dBM)  :-20.00

  User Set Tx Power High Threshold(dBM) :6.00

  User Set Tx Power Low Threshold(dBM)  :-3.00


Once the products need to be repaired, please fill out the Complain Sheet below and send back to us for review. 

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