Optical Transceiver
  • 400Gbps QSFP-DD DR4
    400G QSFP-DD DR4 500M MPO Optical Transceiver
    Compliant with IEEE802.3bs standard: 400GAUI-8 electrical interface  Compliant with IEEE 802.3bs standard: 400GBASE-DR4 optical interface  Compliant with QSFP-DD MSA HW Rev 5.0 Type 2 housing with MPO-12 connector  Compliant with QSFP-DD CMIS Rev 4.0  Supports 3dB channel insertion loss  Maximum power consumption 12W  Case operating temperature 0°C to 70°C  Two wire serial Interface with digital diagnostic monitoring   RoHS compliant  Class 1 Laser
    A total of



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IPv6 network supported

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