• ETU-LINK fully builds ERP and MES systems Strategic layout for advancing digital transformation
    ETU-LINK fully builds ERP and MES systems Strategic layout for advancing digital transformation
    • June 13, 2024

    Driven by the wave of digitalization, enterprises have an increasingly urgent need to improve production efficiency, optimize resource allocation and reduce operating costs. ERP management software is like a link, planning procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance and human resources, so as to achieve the best combination of resources and achieve the best benefits. As early as 2019, ETU-LINK has fully activated the ERP system. For optical communication enterprises integrating research, manufacturing and marketing, it is not an easy thing to integrate the process interfaces between the enterprise layer and the workshop production management management in the case of continuous refinement of production and planning unit requirements, and MES is a good supplement to the ERP system. Recently, MES systems have also been put into use within the ETU. I.Overview of ERP and MES systems ERP system is a kind of enterprise management software, covering financial management, procurement management, inventory management, production management, sales management and other modules, aiming to integrate the internal resources of the enterprise, improve work efficiency and decision-making ability. The MES system is used to manage and monitor the workshop production activities of the system, the main functions include production planning and scheduling, production process control, quality management, equipment management, etc. The combination of the two enables informationization and digitization of the entire process, from supply chain management to production floor execution. II.Limitations of ERP system ERP system has significant advantages in resource scheduling and information integration at the macro level, and can efficiently deal with static resource data within ETU, such as order management and inventory control. However, when it is necessary to go deep into the production line and grasp the dynamic information such as production progress, equipment operating status and material consumption in real time, the limitations of the ERP system appear. Designed primarily to support resource planning and decision making, rather than real-time data acquisition and monitoring, it lacks front-line execution and feedback, so building integration between the two systems is necessary in this context. III. Advantages of sound ERP and MES systems Real-time data collection monitoring and resource allocation The improvement of ERP and MES makes up for the gap in real-time data acquisition of the former, and the MES system is like a monitoring device installed for the production site, so that the management can intuitively view the real-time status of each process, and timely feedback the real-time data in the optical module production process to the ERP system, such as equipment status, production progress, process parameters, etc. It enables the planning department to adjust the production plan in real time, optimize the allocation of re...

  • Notice of Dragon Boat Festival Holiday 2024
    Notice of Dragon Boat Festival Holiday 2024
    • June 05, 2024

    Dear Valued Customers and Colleagues, As the Dragon Boat Festival of 2024 approaches, we would like to inform you of our holiday schedule in accordance with the notice from the General Office of the State Council and our company's actual situation: The holiday will be from June 8, 2024 (Saturday) to June 10, 2024 (Monday), for a total of 3 days. Our services will continue as usual during the holiday. We will be available to take your orders and meet your needs at all times! Warm Reminders 1. Before the holiday, please ensure that all windows and doors are closed, power is cut off, and fire and theft prevention measures are in place to eliminate safety hazards. 2. If you have plans to travel during the holiday, please take necessary precautions for personal and property safety. 3. The weather can be unpredictable during the holiday, so please pay attention to weather changes and travel safely. The Dragon Boat Festival The Dragon Boat Festival, along with the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival, is one of the four major traditional Chinese festivals. "Duan" signifies the beginning, marking the start of midsummer and the onset of the hot summer season. The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Double Fifth Festival, originates from ancient dragon worship and evolved from ancient dragon rituals. During the Dragon Boat Festival, it is advisable to diversify your diet, focusing on seasonal ingredients. Consuming cool and cold foods with a bitter taste, such as mung beans and bitter melon, can help clear heat and detoxify. Additionally, remember to eat rice dumplings (zongzi) in moderation to avoid digestive issues. The festival period is also characterized by high humidity, so choose light foods that help reduce dampness, such as winter melon and loofah, and consume more soups, stews, and easily digestible foods. As the Dragon Boat Festival arrives with heartfelt blessings, may the red sun shine, bringing good fortune with delicious rice dumplings. ETU-LINK wishes our partners, all employees, and their families a healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival!

  • Have you paid attention to the latest major Internet of Things industrial policy releases?
    Have you paid attention to the latest major Internet of Things industrial policy releases?
    • May 11, 2024

    On August 29, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Promoting the Evolution of 5G Lightweight (RedCap) technology and Application Innovation and Development (Draft for Comment) on its official website, aiming to promote the evolution of 5G lightweight (RedCap) technology, product research and development and industrialization, and vigorously promote the large-scale development of 5G applications. The "Draft for Comments" clearly states that by 2025, the comprehensive capacity of 5G RedCap industry will be significantly improved, new products and new models will continue to emerge, the scale of integrated applications will increase, and the security capability will be enhanced simultaneously. Among them, cities above the county level across the country have achieved 5G RedCap scale coverage, and the number of 5G RedCap connections has achieved tens of millions of growth. On October 16, 2023, the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Evolution and Application Innovation of 5G Lightweight (RedCap) Technology was officially released. The notice focuses on three aspects of development goals, main tasks, and safeguard measures, including 5G RedCap technology evolution, product research and development, and industrialization, to safeguard the large-scale development of 5G applications. So what is the latest information brought to the optical communication industry by the release of this notice? Let's analyze it! 5G RedCap scale coverage further empowers the optical communications industry. As an important part of optical communication, the optical module industry is developing very fast. With the development of 5G, cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things technologies, the bandwidth of optical communication networks has been unable to meet the needs of current users, and the optical communication industry is ushering in a new technological change that will drive the optical transceiver industry to high speed, highly integrated, and intelligent. The development of Internet of Things technology in the direction of high speed has put forward higher speed requirements for the downstream optical communication market, and solving problems such as signal loss, network delay, and improving user experience is the top priority for the current development of high speed optical communication technology. The main downstream application areas of optical modules are 5G base stations, data centers, optical fiber access, autonomous driving technology, industrial automation, etc., which promote the development of optical modules in the direction of intelligence. At present, 1.6T optical modules have appeared in the optical module industry, and some companies have achieved mass production of 800G optical modules, and the mainstream application rate has also stepped from 10G-40G to 100G-400G. With the advent of ChatGPT artificial intelligence natural language pr...

  • Exhibition Review | Exclusive memories of the 2024 Russian Exhibition, please check-ETU-LINK
  • The frontline of the Russian exhibition, a sneak peek of the highlights
    The frontline of the Russian exhibition, a sneak peek of the highlights
    • April 28, 2024

    On April 23, the Russian Communications and Information Electronics Exhibition (SVIAZ ICT) opened at the Central Exhibition Center in Moscow. With the advancement of globalization, exchanges between countries have become increasingly close, and the exhibition has become a golden stage for countries to show their technical strength, promote innovative products and services, and seek international cooperation. This year's Russian exhibition is in full swing. There were 683 outstanding enterprises from different countries and regions, including 468 Chinese enterprises and 210 local enterprises. Their participation not only attracted the enthusiastic exchanges of many Russian local exhibitors, but also injected diversified vitality into the exhibition. Among these exhibitors, companies from different regions have "done their best" to continue to attract global attention. Today, let's walk into the grand event of the Russian exhibition and explore those wonderful moments that cannot be missed. Although we are abroad, our colleagues still bring us the latest developments of the exhibition. For those of you who are not here, can't wait to see the ETU booth and our excellent staff? So, follow ETU's lead and we'll bring you Spreadtrum first hand. First of all, we saw ETU's clean and tidy booth and well-organized posters. Our two excellent colleagues were really great! They are high and full of spirit for each customer to come to consult detailed explanation, this is the charm of ETU service! Say they are wearing rich Chinese characteristics of the horse skirt is not very beautiful! This can attract a lot of foreign friends like and praise! Red and black set off each other, representing auspiciousness and happiness, but also meaning that the exhibition ETU-LINK will be fruitful! The SVIAZ ICT Exhibition is the most professional and largest communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and the CIS region, as well as a platform for the world's leading communication and network manufacturers and service providers. As an exhibitor, ETU will present our cutting-edge products and latest solutions for the current communications industry on this important stage, and take this opportunity to comprehensively enhance the influence of the ETU-Link brand in the global market. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees of ETU-LINK, we will usher in a more prosperous development in the Russian market and provide better products and services for global customers and partners. At the same time, we also look forward to discussing the development trend of the industry with people from all walks of life and sharing experience and insights through this exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth to witness the latest technologies and products in the field of optical communication. Booth number: 21D01, looking forward to meeting you!

  • International  worker’s Day Holiday Notice
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