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  • 2022 Dragon Boat Festival Notice
    2022 Dragon Boat Festival Notice
    • May 31, 2022

    Dear All, According to the State Council General Office arrangement about 2022 holiday, combining company situation, below are the arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday for your reference: The vacation for the Dragon Boat Festival is from 3rd June to 5th June, five days in total, will back office on 5th June. Before holiday, please make sure that the air-conditioning, equipment, lighting, electrical power windows and doors should be closed, also arrange your work in advance. Enjoy the holiday! ETU-Link Technology Co.,LTD May.31,2022

  • Congratulations to our company for passing the
    Congratulations to our company for passing the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification again
    • April 28, 2022

    On the morning of March 28th, 2022, Shenzhen E-Tian Optical Communication Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony of listing as a national high-tech enterprise. General Manager Mr. Long, members of the Purchasing Department, R&D Department, Finance Department and other departments attended the ceremony and witnessed the honorable moment together! During the listing ceremony, Mr. Long delivered an important speech, expressing his heartfelt emotion that ETU-LINK had once again been recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Shenzhen Finance Commission, Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau and Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau. The National High-Tech Enterprise is an important national honor and qualification, and since the company first passed the "National High-Tech" recognition in 2018, it is now awarded again, which is another full affirmation of ETU-LINK's R&D and technological innovation capabilities, and a great incentive for the company's sustainable development. ETU-LIN has always pursued the management philosophy of "customer-driven and service-based" to achieve a win-win situation among customers, employees and the company. EaseUS will take this opportunity to continue to increase product development, promote the transformation of technological innovation, improve the market value of our products, enhance our industry influence and market competitiveness, and strive to become a leading manufacturer and service provider of optical modules in China, while accelerating the process of internationalisation and providing better products and services to our customers. ETU-LINK,as a group in the same boat, relies on the concerted efforts of everyone to be invincible! Special recognition was given to the Purchasing Department, R&D Department and Finance Department for their outstanding performance in the recognition and declaration of national high-tech enterprises. In this regard, all departments have expressed that they will continue to work hard and carry forward the spirit of their posts to create more benefits and achievements for the company. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the "National High-tech Enterprise" was held amidst the salute and applause. The last item of the ceremony was completed by Mr. Long and Mr. Zou, the representative of the R&D Department, and the ceremony was successfully concluded with enthusiasm and prospect. We wish ETU-LINK a long and prosperous career!

  • Goddess Day themed activities and March birthday party
    Goddess Day themed activities and March birthday party
    • April 28, 2022

    When the birthday party, which represents hope, meets the Goddess Day, which is full of gratitude, how is it not a kind of romance? The ETU-LINK Goddess Battle is officially underway, watch the Youth Team, Happy Team, Worry Free Team, Carefree Team and Happiness Team wish each and every Goddess with the best wishes for eternal youth, happiness, carefree and forever! I know that I will eventually grow old, but I stand at the end of my youth and look out quietly, hoping for the smile of the wind and the warmth of my heart into old age. Watching the fading years slide by at my fingertips, I still understand that I have met more than just youth. We are busy with our families, we are working hard for our jobs, and we have forgotten who we are at the beginning of our lives when we are under pressure. But love is always happening, maybe it's the humility of a stranger, the "thank you" of a colleague, the constant listening of a friend, the companionship of a family member as always, or maybe it's just the sunshine on your shoulders, as if you were a free man. "Hope is good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies". Do what you love and love what you do. At Etsy, everyone will be their own individuality and personality. The fairy walk, the forward pass of the partner relay, the balloon confrontation, the quick question and answer, and the treasure seat grabbing session all showed the unity and wisdom of everyone.

  • Guarding the beginning, walking with you
    Guarding the beginning, walking with you
    • April 28, 2022

    "The ture sefless act always sparks another!" is the classic quote from Klaus: The Secret of Christmas, which means that the most selfless devotion is the most inspiring, and which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.) Snow, presents and a grandfather in a red suit; bells, sleighs and a little moose ready to go - this is a story that takes place at Christmas. The children prove to Father Christmas that they are worthy of the gift, and with a little change and a little change, they succeed in getting the adults to fall into the "trap" of the children's friendship, and the whole town becomes more harmonious little by little.  I'm sure many people have the question in their minds: why do we celebrate Christmas? As everyone grows up, Christmas becomes more and more than just a simple and joyful process, it becomes a way of sending and transmitting emotions. Ritual is an attitude towards life, reminding us to take each moment seriously, to cherish all that we have and to be able to make even the ordinary shine. Everyone's perception of Christmas is different, but everyone shares the same hope for it. Delivering warmth and love is a serious and sure thing to do in life, not only to bring joy to children, but also to satisfy your own never-ending childishness. You can always be like a child, pampered by those around you, pampered by the world, letting go of the trivialities of life for a while, returning to your original heart and discovering the beauty!

  • 2022 Labor Day Notice
    2022 Labor Day Notice
    • April 24, 2022

    2022 Labor Day Notice Dear All, According to the State Council General Office arrangement about 2022 holiday, combining company situation, below are the arrangement of the Labor Day holiday for your reference: The vacation for the Labor Day is from 30th April to 4th May, five days in total, will back office on 5th May. Before holiday, please make sure that the air-conditioning, equipment, lighting, electrical power windows and doors should be closed, also arrange your work in advance. Enjoy the holiday! ETU-Link Technology Co., LTD Apr. 24, 2022

  • 2022 Newcomer of the Year and Mentor Accolade Ceremony
    2022 Newcomer of the Year and Mentor Accolade Ceremony
    • March 31, 2022

    In the morning of April 13, Shenzhen E-Ten Optical Communication Co., Ltd. held the 2022 Newcomer King and Mentor Award Ceremony. By assessing the "Best Newcomer King" and "Best Mentor", we can assess talents in more aspects and improve the company's talent training mechanism, so as to build a teaching organization. At the beginning of the ceremony, the host announced the company's "Master Training Apprentice Implementation Plan and Incentive Mechanism", clarifying the implementation details and assessment points of the work of the master with apprentice, emphasising the duties and responsibilities, each master has passed the company's qualification audit, has more than one year of experience in the same position, has strong professional ability, agrees with the corporate culture, has a strong sense of responsibility, is patient and meticulous, and is good at communication, so as to promote the rapid growth of new employees In order to achieve the inheritance of skills and better meet the future development needs of the company. At the ceremony, the apprentice presented flowers to the master, each of these gestures represented the infinite gratitude of the apprentice to the master, and also witnessed the difficult journey of the master and apprentice. The six masters set an example by helping their apprentices to integrate into their jobs, creating a harmonious atmosphere of mutual learning and mutual help within the company. Under the leadership of the masters, the apprentices' abilities were also certified and awards were given on site, with the sincere hope that the apprentices would blossom in the fertile soil of EDI's growth. During the ceremony, the "Best Newcomer King" and "Best Mentor" were announced and awarded. The "Best Newcomer King" was assessed in terms of productivity, theoretical examinations, defective rate, attendance discipline, 6S and overall quality, etc. The winner of the "Best Newcomer King" was well deserved for his outstanding performance. He said that he had felt the warmth of the company and his colleagues since he joined the company, and thanked the company leaders for their attention. The mentor of the "Newcomer King" was rightfully awarded the title of "Best Mentor" this year. In addition, the "Star of the Day" for March was announced at the ceremony. Everyone is a "gold" waiting to be discovered and will eventually shine. Those who received the Star of the Day honour said that they would do their best to carry on the glory and be the brightest star by continuously improving their abilities and skills, and at the same time inspiring everyone to compete together to stimulate the greatest potential in competition and cooperation. The leadership team of E-Tian has always believed that only an elite team can produce and develop products with guaranteed quality, and that each and every one of you makes up the E-Tian of today! The 2022 Best Newcomer King and Mentor Award Ceremony was successfully concluded with applause an...

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