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40G QSFP+ to 4x SFP+ breakout passive copper cables
40G QSFP+ to SFP+ DAC cables
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  • Data Rate:40G
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QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ Copper Cable Assembly


QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) copper direct-attach cables are suitable for very short distances and offer a highly cost-effective way to establish a 40-Gigabit link between QSFP+ ports of QSFP+ switches within racks and across adjacent racks. These cables are used for 40GbE and Infniband standards, to maximize performance. QSFP+ are designed to meet emerging data center and high performance computing application needs for a high density cabling interconnect system capable of delivering an aggregate data bandwidth of 40Gb/s. This interconnect system is fully compliant with existing industry standard specifications such as the QSFP MSA and IBTA (InfiniBand Trade Association). The QSFP+ cables support the bandwidth transmission requirements as defined by IEEE 802.3ba (40 Gb/s) and Infiniband QDR ( 4x10 Gb/s per channel) specifications.


QSFP to 4x SFP+ Splitter Cable offers IT professionals a cost-effective interconnect solution for merging 40G QSFP and 10G SFP+ enabled host adapters, switches and servers. 

For typical applications, users can install this splitter cable between an available QSFP port on their 40Gigabit/s rated switch and feed up to four upstream 10GbE-SFP+ enabled switches.Each QSFP-SFP+ splitter cable features a single QSFP connector (SFF-8436) rated for 40-Gb/s on one end and (4) SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431), each rated for 10-Gb/s, on the other. 

QSFP to 4 SFP+ Splitter Cables that designs and sources every subassembly in-house guaranteeing complete control over product performance, quality and consistency. Examples include our widely respected board-as-connector platform which is direct-welded to the wire and encased in a robust Zinc-Nickel backshell for superior crosstalk and EMI performance. 


Ø Connector A: (1) QSFP 40.0 Gbps Rated Connector (SFF-8436 Compliant)

Ø Connector B: (4) SFP+ 10.0 Gbps Rated Connectors (SFF-8431 Compliant)

Ø Economically Links up a QSFP port with an Upstream 10GbE-SFP+ Switch

Ø Protocol agnostic support of 40GbE, QDR InfiniBand, SAS & Fibre Channel

Ø Up to 10.3125 Gbps transfer rate per SFP+ channel (40 Gbps aggregate)

Ø Robust Zinc die-cast SFP+ & QSFP connectors with pull-to-release latching

Ø Bridge the gap between your 10G and 40G capable switches/host adapters

Ø Low cross-talk and pair-to-pair skew maintains signal integrity

Ø Fully compliant to the latest SFP+ & QSFP MSA (Multi-Source-Agreement)

Ø Supports all current 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 40-Gigabit Ethernet standards

Ø Designated form factor and electrical compliance for QDR InfiniBand

Ø The perfect direct attached storage splitter cable for Fibre Channel & SAS

Ø Enjoy a reduced power budget and lower port cost compared to optical

Ø Fully RoHS compliant for environmental protection


Ø InfiniBand SDR, DDR

Ø Ethernet 1G, 10G

Ø FibreChannel

Ø Rack-to-Rack, Shelf-to-Shelf Interconnect

Ø Networking

Ø Storage

Ø Hubs, switches, routers, servers

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