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Compatible modules VS original modules
August 07,2017 09:04:47
Someone always says, we are using the original optical transceivers, we don't need compatible modules. However, most of people says, we are using compatible modules.

Do you know why? Do you know what advantages of compatible modules compared with original modules? Let’s show you today!

※ Competitive price: 60%-90% costs can be saved, even more.
※ Compatibility: Work on switch like the original modules, and more functional. For example, the same compatible modules can be used on Mikrotik switch, and also can be used on Planet switch.
※ Delivery time: The delivery time of original modules usually is 2-4 weeks, even longer time, while compatible modules usually can be shipped within 5 working days.
※ Warranty: ETU-Link provide 3 years warranty, some famous brands warranty is only one year, like Cisco and HUAWI.
※ Quality: We seriously enforce the QC policy. The production process of compatible modules is strict and modules must be tested on different equipment.
※ Service: From the order request to shipment, ETU have assistant team to follow all steps, it make sure that offer the timely reply to customer. For the customer issue, we have the policy that reply it in 24 Hours.

So now you know why so many people use compatible modules? Everything's deserved to try! Then you will find a new world!

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