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  • The Introduction Of Cisco Switch Models
    The Introduction Of Cisco Switch Models
    • April 12. 2016

    Cisco System Inc. is known by all. With its IOS( Internet Operating System ), Cisco company is absolutely in a leading position in the multi protocol router market. At present, in Internet, nearly 80% of the routers from Cisco. In fact, in addition to the router this leading product,Cisco also has a full line of network equipment,including hubs, switches, access servers, software and hardware fire...

  • The introduction of Allied Telesis switch models
    The introduction of Allied Telesis switch models
    • June 20. 2016

    Allied Telesis is the world's leading provider of network products and solutions, it has more than 200 companies and branches all over the world, built a perfect R & D center, production base, sales channels, as well as pre-sales and after-sales service system. Allied Telesis can provide users with a complete products line and solutions, its structure of the product line is constantly adjusted...

  • Freight Cost Analysis
    Freight Cost Analysis
    • June 20. 2016

    With the steady development of company,our business continues to expand,the shipment ways are also diversified.Different shipment ways will cause different freight cost.Customers are not only focus on the product cost,but also the freight cost.In order to make customers spend less time on the freight, we made a freight cost analysis as follows:         Our shipment ways ge...

  • What preparations we need to do when customer reception?(1)
    What preparations we need to do when customer reception?(1)
    • August 22. 2016

    So wonderful day on 12th Aug, Peter from Sweden visit our factory. Tea, coffee and fruits were prepared for our friendly customer, as a manners, hope he will feeling our kindness. Through this reception, there are many things to learn for my future days. Below we summarize the attention of customer’s visit.     Preparatory work: ※ Learning the customers’ Schedule in advance, whether need...

  • What preparations we need to do when customer reception(2)
    What preparations we need to do when customer reception(2)
    • August 24. 2016

    Customers may ask some questions when receiving customers, we should professionally answer the customers’ questions if want to win the customers. Today we share with the questions the customers maybe concerned according to my experience. Focus point 1: Sales amount Why the sales amount is the focus point? Because it can reflect a company’s economic strength and development.     Focus poi...

  • Optical Communication Exhibition
    Optical Communication Exhibition
    • October 26. 2016

    Do you want to know where the optical communication show is? I think that you should be very concerned about the industry's exhibition information it. In order to let you know more about the optical communication exhibition information, we will share the collected information with you today! 2016-2017 Show List ETU-Link will plan to participate in the ECOC next year, and expand more business to th...

  • How to distinguish the wavelength form the ring color of the optical transceiver?
    How to distinguish the wavelength form the ring color of the optical transceiver?
    • November 03. 2016

    The ring color of the optical transceivers are colorful, different colors corresponding to different wavelength. In order to make the new colleagues to be more convenient and more quickly to distinguish each color corresponds to the wavelength, the following is a a simple summary. 1. The commonly used wavelength corresponds to the ring color 850nm —— Black 1310nm —— Blue 1490nm —— Purple 1550nm ——...

  • About CWDM SFP
    About CWDM SFP
    • December 13. 2016

    Do you know why some optical transceivers are colorful? Today will share the information about these colorful SFP modules. The colorful SFP modules are called wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) SFP module. WDM SFP is divided into two types: ◆ CWDM SFP ◆ DWDM SFP Different colors represent different wavelengths, today we mainly introduce CWDM SFP. Waht is CWDM SFP? CWDM SFP is a kind of optical...

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