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How to Clean the Modules Connector?
January 10,2019 15:13:26
In order to reduce the possibilities of the line malfunction for the data center, avoid the unnecessary optical damage, cleaning is very important for the optical fiber.
And in fact, optical fiber cleaning not only include cleaning the optical fiber, but also for the optical connector, such as the modules' connector.
Today we want show some of the modules cleaning knowledge.

1. Pollution Source for Modules?
The modules connector usually connect with the optical fiber connector such as LC/SC/MTP, So the pollution source also usually comes from the ferrules of these connectors. 
Although the optical fiber connector is cleaned before it is inserted into the optical module. A small amount of grease or other contaminants may not be thoroughly cleaned.
In particular, the use of some inferior fiber connectors, the optical module interface will be more serious pollution.

2. When do we need clean?
In practical applications, the interface of the optical transceiver needs to be cleaned only when its transmission performance is degraded.

3. How to clean?
In order to avoid the connector have the grase pollution, it is very important for us to clean, If the connector have the particulate contamination such as dust, then using the clean machine (Cleaner Pen ), steps are as below:

a. Remove the dust cap of the optical module.

b. Use the  cleaner pen  to clean the optical module's interface.

c. Insert a lint-free cleaning rod of the correct size (2.5 mm or 1.25 mm in diameter) into the optical module connector and turn it clockwise.
(Here is recommended to use the method of dry cleaning, it is not recommended to use alcohol-based cleaning rod)

d. If necessary, repeat the above two cleaning steps again;

e. Remove the cleaning rod and reinsert it into the dust cap. 
CAUTION: Remove the dust cap only when you need to use the optical module.

6. Place the optical module in a clean, static-free place.

ETU-Link company has been as a professional manufacturer for many years, every modules will be all cleaned up and test for many times before packaging.

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