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How to connect the MPO optical module with LC optical module?
December 13,2018 20:08:40

At present, there are usually two types of optical modules in the market, MPO and LC. For two optical modules with the same interface, MPO patch cord or LC patch cord can basically realize the connection between them.

For the optical modules of different interfaces, In addition to using MPO trunk fiber patch cords and LC duplex fiber patch cords, other fiber-optic cabling products such as fiber optic adapter panels and MPO-LC duplex fiber distribution boxes are required.ETU-link will introduce the solution of QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module connection through this article.

QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module direct connection solution

When the QSFP+ optical module of an 8-core MPO interface is connected with the optical module of 4 duplex LC interfaces, we need to use an 8-core MPO-LC duplex branch patch cord.However, this direct connection solution is limited to short distance connections on the same rack.

▲QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module interconnection solution

The following figure shows the interconnection of the 40G QSFP+ optical module and the 10G SFP+ optical module. The QSFP+ optical module and the SFP+ optical module on both sides are respectively connected with the MPO trunk fiber patch cord and the LC duplex fiber patch cord. The connection between the MPO trunk fiber patch cord and the LC duplex fiber patch cord, it need to use the fiber adapter panel, the MPO trunk fiber patch cord, and the MPO-LC duplex fiber distribution box.This connection method allows device replacement at both ends of the fiber link. The specific connection method and required fiber optic equipment are shown in the following figure.


The following figure shows the another interconnection of QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module. This connection solution is different from the previous connection solution in that the SFP+ optical module is a fiber access device at the end. The final step is connect to the SFP+ optical module through the fiber adapter panel and the LC duplex branch fiber patch cord. However, since the SFP+ optical module ports must be on the same chassis, the disadvantage of this method is the lack of flexibility of the SFP+ optical module. In other words, the connection solution does not allow replacement of optical fiber access devices at the end of SFP+ optical module.

▲ QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module cross-connect solution

The following two methods can realize the cross-connection between QSFP+ optical module and SFP+ optical module.The main differences are shown in the following two figures: QSFP+ optical module side.The first cross-connection solution is mainly completed through MPO main fiber patch cord, MPO-LC duplex fiber distribution box and LC duplex fiber patch cord.

The second cross-connection solution is more complex and requires the use of fiber adapter panels in addition to the optical fiber equipment.This cross-linking method is more suitable for applications with longer distances between distribution ranges, where it is necessary to ensure that the trunk optical cable of the splice tray is protected from damage.


Through this article, you can know how to interconnect the MPO interface optical module and the LC interface optical module. For more details, welcome to visit our website (, thank you for your support!

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