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How to connect the multimode optical patch cord?
September 01,2016 14:32:51

How to correctly connect the multimode optical patch cord? How to select the type of multimode optical patch cord? Today we will discuss these two questions.

What is multimode optical patch cord?
It is used as the patch cord from device to optical fiber wiring link, it has thicker protective layer, generally used to connect the transmitter and terminal box.
The main type of multimode optical patch cord:
Gigabit: 62.5/125um(OM1) orange, 50/125um(OM2) orange.
10Gigabit: 50/125um(OM3) aqua, 50/125um(OM4) purple and aqua.

62.5 and 50 represents the diameter of the fiber core, 125 represents the diameter of glass cladding. “MM” or “OM3”, “50/125”, “62.5/125” are usually printed on the cable.



Note: Not only the core standard of single-mode and multimode patch cord is different, respectively is9/125 and 50/125, 62.5/125, but also the transmission wavelength, so the single-mode and multimode patch cord can’t be used together.

How to connect the multimode patch cord?
We know the multi-mode patch cord is generally used in the network (LAN) and short-distance transmission case. Connected with the optical transmitter and receiver, it can convert light signals into electrical signals. Multimode patch cord is connected to both ends of the device, usually connected with fiber box is ST. The switch module interface is LC, optical transceiver interface is SC, optical transmitter and receiver and the ODF interface is FC.

How to select the type of multimode patch cord?
Multimode patch cord connecting the two optical equipment, there are many models, such as ST-ST, ST-LC, LC-LC, ST-SC etc. The models depend on your optical equipment interface is ST, LC or SC. Patch cord is also divided into single-mode and multimode.

◆ FC Optical Patch Cord: Using metallic sheath in the external, using the turnbuckle for fastening. It is often used in the ODF patch pannel.

◆ SC Optical Patch Cord: Connecting GBIC modules, rectangle for the shaping, using the plag for fastening, do not need spin. (usually used in the routers and switches)

◆ ST Optical Patch Cord:Commonly used in the ODF, the shell is round, using the turnbuckle for fastening. (The connector usually is ST type)

◆ LC Optical Patch Cord: Connecting SFP module, it use the convenient modular jack (RJ) lock mechanism technology.(Router commonly used)



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