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How to quickly distinguish single mode optical media converter vs multimode optical media converter?
December 29,2016 17:03:02
Optical media converter is a medium for converting short distance electrical signals and long distance optical signals. According to the fiber type, the transmitting distance of media converter is different, so there are single mode media converter and multimode media converter. Today we will learn about the difference between single-mode fiber and multimode fiber.

Structural differences between single mode and multimode fibers
Single mode fiber: Center glass core is very thin, can only transmit one mode of light. Therefore the dispersion between modes is relatively small, suitable for long-distance transmission;
Multi mode fiber: Center glass core is relatively thick, can transmit a variety of modes of light. Therefore the dispersion between modes is relatively large. If the transmission distance increases, the transmitted signal will be unstable, so multimode fiber is suitable for close transmission.

How to distinguish single mode and multimode optical media converter?
※ For model, S represents single mode, M represents multimode.
※ Pull out the dust cap to see the interface color. Generally multimode media converter interface is brown, TX and RX interface inside of single mode media converter coated with white ceramic.
※ For the transmission distance, single mode media converter transmission range is between 20km to 120km, multimode media converter transmission range is between 2km to 5km.

※ If already used media converter, can be distinguished by optical patch cord color, yellow generally represents single mode, orange generally represents multimode.



Typical applications:



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