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Knowledge sharing for BIDI optical module
August 29,2018 18:17:30
BIDI optical module only has one optical port, just need one fiber can simultaneously transmit and receive optical signals, is a solution to save fiber resources.
BIDI optical module uses WDM technology to realize the bidirectional transmission of optical signals on one optical fiber. Optical module usually has two ports, the TX is the transmitting port, and the RX is the receiving port. BIDI module only has 1 port, wave filtering through the filter of module, complete the transmitting and receiving optical signals at different wavelengths at the same time. Therefore the module must be used in pairs.

Common wavelength of BIDI optical module
SFP: 1310nm/1550nm; 1490nm/1550nm; 1310nm/1490nm
10G SFP+: 1270nm/1330nm; 1490nm/1550nm

According to the packaging form, module can be divided into:
BIDI SFP module、BIDI SFP+ module、BIDI XFP module、BIDI X2 module

How do BIDI optical modules work?
In order to be able to work efficiently, BIDI module must be used in pairs, the bidirectional transmission of data is realized by tuning the diplexer to match the desired wavelength of the transmitter and receiver.
For example, if the matching BIDI module connect the equipment A (uplink) and device B (downlink) , so:
The diplexer of the module A must have a 1310nm transmission wavelength and 1550nm receiving wavelength.
The diplexer of the module B must have a 1550nm transmission wavelength and 1310nm receiving wavelength.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of BIDI modules?

The advantages of BIDI modules:
BIDI modules can reduce the cost of fiber wiring infrastructure, because it requires less fiber and fiber wiring board.
BIDI modules can save more valuable space during installation.
The disadvantages of BIDI modules:
It must be used in pairs, with certain limitations.
A little expensive than the common optical module

BiDi optical transceiver may be a little expensive than the common optical module, but it can save you the cost of optical cable from the whole network program. ETU-Link offers various rate compatible BiDi modules, has 3-5K stock every month. If you plan to purchase BiDi modules to build or upgrade the network, welcome to contact us or visit our website!

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