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Mysterious and glamorous data center
September 26,2016 17:04:41
Recently we often share some information about the optical module, many people may not know where this product is applied in? Today we can take a few minutes to learn the data center of the optical module application.

Data center, is the core of modern information systems, known as the highest Hall of ICT technology. It is mysterious existence.


How is it? Follow me, today we will explore data center together.




There is a roar of noise here all year round, mainly from the fan of the equipment. Do not worry, this noise likes your computer fan noise. But the DB number is at least 20 times more than computer.



Now we are walking into the machine room...



When you walk into the huge data center, like walking through the maze of corridors, both sides are a row of awe and cold equipment, you almost can not see other people.




Do you have the doomsday fantasy? A world picture after the unknown disaster, and you, is the only survivor.



Yes, you are the only survivor of the end of the world, and this is your safe haven. There is no weather, no sun, moon and stars, and can not even feel the passage of time. No matter what happens outside, it’s safe here. Because here is shockproof, windproof, fireproof and lightningproof.



You will have a sense of awe.
Because this is the center of human information life, said a big point (not to scare you), this is the driving force to promote human civilization, have profound impact on human production and life, national strategy.



Also, the equipment here is very expensive, have to spend huge sums of money to build on each data center. Very very expensive.




However, the Lengran solemn machine can also become colorful, such as the data from the Google data center. This is the data center cooling system, the water pipe's color represents the water temperature, the red is the hot water, blue represents the cold water, the green is the cooler, while the pink is specially connects the cooler.




The flashing lights on the equipment are also very beautiful, they seems that some naughty cute.




There are many module ports each switch, and the machine room is so big, you can know there are many many switches. So the module market is very big. Fighting together, my friends.



The “Jinglong Railway” machine room is one partner of ETU-link. See? This is the module we produce, the picture is not clear, affect our products quality. The photographer's technology is yet to be improved.(O(∩_∩)O~)



Then look at those neat cable, connected devices, so art.






You will want to take some beautiful pictures.



This is the mysterious and glamorous data center. After the tour, do you feel data centers’ mysterious and cool? Is there any impulse to go in and experience it?
Some people may think that have nothing to do with them. No, no, no! Do you use your mobile phone? Must be connected to the WiFi, right? Did you just download a movie? Without data center, there is no source of network data, so each of us can not do without network communication. Hope that through our efforts, make the development of network communications faster. Come on! ETU-Link!

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