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SFP optical module
June 13,2017 11:14:12
The optical module in the communication operations are increasingly receiving attention, SFP optical module is the module in the waiting for a, below we summarize the related knowledge of SFP optical modules from several aspects, expect to bring us must help you.

Overview of a.SFP optical module

1. definitions

The package to SFP optical module is a hot pluggable small package, now the highest rate of up to 10G, LC interface for.SFP Form-factor Pluggable or Small, can be understood as a brief promotion version of.SFP optical module GBIC volume half cut than the GBIC optical module, can be in the same panel equipment more than double the number of ports.

2. constitute

The SFP optical module consists of lasers, circuit boards, IC and external accessories. The outer parts include housings, unlocks, clasps, bases, tab rings, rubber plugs, PCBA, and the colors of the tab can help us to vary the parameters of the module

The opening of 3.SFP optical module

GBIC and SFF in the optical module, the network is gradually opened with agile SFP optical module instead. It is developing towards miniaturization and hot plug direction open.SFP optical module inherits the hot swappable GBIC, also learn SFF miniaturization advantage. Using LC head, greatly increasing the network equipment port density used to open network, the rapid trend has been the most widely used. Although it is now showing the product light module a lot higher skills and update, but SFP optical module will continue to exist for a long time. In the subsequent SFP, turn the light module is mainly to a higher rate of turnover Now, now has 10G, 40G, 100G and other optical modules.

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Two. SFP light module application tips

It's not suitable for operation module in the application process, a very simple optical module failure. In such a situation, do not worry, careful examination, analysis of specific elements. Usually the optical module failure function mainly has two kinds, respectively, the transmitter and receiver failure failure. The most common factors are mainly in the following aspects:

Now using the optical fiber connector end face pollution 1., composed of two light pollution light module;

2. port optical module is exposed in the air, the dust pollution and make the;

3. use inferior fiber connector

So, in the usual use should pay attention to cleaning and protection of optical module. After use, suggest the dustproof plug. Because the light module contact is not clean, very may influence the quality of the signal line and the error may cause doubt doubt.

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Three.SFP optical module equipment notice

1. SFP optical module tab vertical turning, stuck top buckle, pinch the SFP optical module two hands, light into the SFP slot, until the SFP module and the slot close contact (shrapnel SFP optical module can feel stuck at the top and bottom of the SFP slot)

2. equipment / pull out SFP light module, wear anti-static wrist

3. in the absence of good grounding measures under the condition of not direct plug SFP optical module may cause electronic components SFP optical module or SFP slot is electrostatic breakdown, which damage to the device.

4. pull ring pull to the level range of SFP optical module for fixed contact and SFP slots to eradicate shrapnel, forcibly pulled out of the SFP optical module, will damage the shrapnel or slot buckle.

CISCO gigabit optical module, HUAWEI Wan module, optical module, easy skylight communication

Four.SFP optical module

1. CISCO gigabit optical module

SFP optical module is a small hot pluggable optical transceiver module, is widely used in communication, there are many kinds of SFP optical module

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