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The comparison between ETU and other optical transceivers
June 20,2016 16:10:21
ETU VS Others

As the customers’ communication, some times we met two frequently questions:

1. What are the advantages?

2. Why choose us?
In order to make the answer easily to get, the answer as below:

ETU VS Others :
A. PCBA design: Our PCBA passed ROHS and UL (94V-0) certification,few people will make the mark. The engineers come from the CISCO OEM partner, he strictly request the supplier to print the certification on the PCBA. It will be easy to find by customers.


Make the customer easy to find ETU difference, more sophisticated and comprehensive.

More easy to get customers’ trust and recognition.

B. PCBA Material: For 10G module, we choose the R4350B board,while others are prefer FR4 to reduce cost。
Advantage: Although the cost is higher, R4350B board make sure the signal transit more steady, we have been devoted to providing high-quality and stable products.

C. PCBA Impedance Control: The standard of impedance test is ±10%, ETU engineers ask the impedance standard control in ± 5%.

Advantage:Strictly control the material and the quality is more stable.
D. PCBA Golden Finger: The gold plating standard is 0.38um, ETU hardware engineer is very strict on this, the thickness must be over 0.38um, while others are 0.38um,the stard plug rate can be over 500 times.

Advantage:Over 0.38um can make the plug rate of our modules can be over 1000 times. Ensure the products more durable.

Just like NOKIA phone, still can answer the phone after hit walnuts. A brand that makes us missing and remember!

E. Laser Material/Electrical Components: The chip supplier will be chosed by the primary agent, to avoid fake products into our production line.

ETU Laser: CY Optics, MACOM


Electrical Components:Murata, TDK

Advantage:Reasonable to control the cost and avoid imitation.

F. Products Testing:Auto testing and Manual correction.

It is very important to test the parameters of optical module, our company makes automated test software according to the operating habits of production line staffs. So proud that it has got technology patent.

It is good for the development of product technology level and improve production efficiency, lay a better foundation for the steady development of the company.

Advantage:Auto testing improving production efficiency, manual correction make the quality more excellent.

G. Aging testing:To ensure the stability of the product , all products will beAging testing for 24 hours, observe and make a summary and analysis. Other companies do this or not, we do not know.

 Reducing the defective rate, improve stability.Finding the failure product in advance before shipment, protect customers’ benefit.


H. Compatibility Testing:To ensure the compatibility of products, we will test different brands of modules on the switch after writing code.
Advantage: Make sure the compatibility. We will try our best to do test, so that customers can rest assured order from us.

I. Extender Board: According to the engineer's experience,the module shell will be scratched when testing. In order to avoid this problem, our engineers specifically to make a dainty extender board, to protect the case of products. Each step is integrated into the sweat and experience of our engineers, thanks for their efforts, with the cooperation and efforts of R & D Department, our new products are also moving forward!
Advantage:Protect the testing module case no scratch.

J. Package:
1. Make the sample box below 0.5kg.
2. Make the volume smaller than weight , control the freight.
3. Add the filler on the side of box , make them cleaning and                   regular to avoid damage.
4. Individual package and 10pcs/tray are all available. More space for choice, will be more convenient for customers.Good for both, consider for you in  today, tomorrow you remember my kindness!
The package of each company will not be the same. In order to better protect the product of small order, we provide the individual package.
Advantage:It can be help the customers reduce freight cost and protect the goods package.


We are more focus on the details, and help customers save cost. So that they can develop better on their market. Our service is also appreciated by many customers.
You can believe that we are absolutely the best choice of your reliable partner!


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