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What are the differences between telecom and network patch cord
April 10,2017 17:43:56
Some people don’t know the patch cord has telecom and network level. Point at this problem, we will explain what are the differences between them!

What is multimode optical patch cord?

It is used as the patch cord from device to optical fiber wiring link, it has thicker protective layer, generally used to connect the transmitter and terminal box.
It is applied in optical fiber communication system, optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission and other fields.

Optical patch cord divides into telecom and network level.
The network level patch cord is slightly worse than Telecom grade, cause it’s attenuation is larger. It’s requirements is not high, packet loss in transmission, the data are generally greater than 0.3dB.

The Telecom grade patch cord is better than the network level, because of its small attenuation, not easy to lose data. Like China Netcom, Unicom and NOKIA etc., their servers all use telecom grade patch cords.
If you use the patch cord on the VOOP, recommended select the telecom grade patch cord,  video transmission is the most important. The telecom grade indicator: Insertion loss less than 0.3dB, Return loss greater than 45dB.

We all believe that the telecom grade patch cords is better than the network level, then what are the differences between them?
1. Attenuation degree
The attenuation of telecom grade patch cords is smaller than network level, transmission data is more stable, not easy to lose.
2. Grinding times
The grinding process of telecom grade patch cords is generally 5 times, network level patch cords is 4 times.
3. Price
The price of telecom grade patch cords is higher than network level patch cords.

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