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Why cooperate with ETU?
November 23,2018 21:43:16

Sometimes, we often encounter this situation. After contacting you, the customer would say there are so many people in this industry,why we choose to cooperate with you?


There are many manufacturers of optical transceiver in the market, and many of them are powerful. Why should the customers choose to cooperate with us? Here's the answer!


Hard working sales team

The sales team of ETU all cherish the time,make full use of time to work.

They not only work 8 hours a day, but also continue to struggle after dinner. My colleagues who are far away from the company also keep in touch with customers at home, reply customers' emails in time and provide efficient service to customers.

Advantages: work harder and make more progress than others every day.


The phone

Nowadays, it is not feasible to rely on e-mail, and you need to telephone. It is difficult for sales to phone at first, they afraid that the customer can not understand what they say. ETU sales has overcome this difficulty. In order not to delay things and quickly take orders,they will call dozens of calls every day.

Advantages: Quickly find customers, speed up take an order and increase the possibility of take orders



1. Make the sample package less than 0.5kg

2. Put the filler on the four sides of the box to make it clean and tidy, it can avoid damage to the product box caused by collision.

3. Can provide individually and 10 pieces / tray packing,more choose space, more convenient for the customer, the benefit is equal to self-interest, today I think twice for you, tomorrow you remember my kindness!

4. Adjust the package size of the product according to the quantity and weight of the products purchased by the customer, and save the freight for the customer.

Each company's packaging may not be exactly the same. In order to better protect the requirements of small-volume order customers, we can provide individually packaging.

Advantages: Help customers minimize shipping costs and protect the packaging of goods.

Product pictures

Both domestic and international orders, we will take photos before shipment. we will arrange them in order of PI and send them to customers to ensure the consistency of each shipment.

Advantages: ensure the consistency of labels and reduce the error rate


Fast delivery

ETU has a group of excellent production personnel with high efficiency and good workmanship. Thanks for their high cooperation.The regular product inventory is sufficient, and the small quantity can basically meet the delivery on the day when the order is placed. The delivery date of the larger quantity is usually around 2 days.

Advantages: meet customer requirements without delay


ETU-Link is superior to other companies' products in many aspects. We have always been committed to providing customers with excellent and good quality products. We will always try our best to help our customers save money. our service also got a lot of customer praise. We believe we are absolutely the best choice for your reliable partner!

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