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16G VS 25G SFP+ Optical Module
October 27,2017 18:25:32
Network is an important part of our life ,as a network solution supplier, saving cost and energy are the two main considerate factors when deploying the data center networks. The rate of 10G SFP+ Optical Module can not meet the demand of network, but the price of 40G and 100G module is too high and the power consumption is too large, at this point, high performance and inexpensive 16/25G SFP+ optical modules are very popular in data centers.
Today we will introduce two commonly used 16/25G SFP+ optical modules to you: CISCO compatible DS-SFP-FC16G-SW and SFP-25G-SR-S.

CISCO compatible DS-SFP-FC-16G-SW SFP+ module is mainly used in FC (Fibre Channel) network application. Using duplex LC interface and using with multi-mode fiber, the working wavelength is 850nm, the transmission distance can reach 100m, and the transmission rate reaches 16Gbps. In addition, this module also has backward compatibility function, can run at two speeds of 8.5 Gbps (8G FC) and 4.25Gbps (4G FC).

CISCO compatible SFP-25G-SR-S SFP+ module is mainly used in 25G high-speed transmission, suitable for 25G Ethernet applications. This optical module uses duplex LC interface, and the working wavelength is 850nm, the transmission distance can reach 100m when used with multimode fiber. It also has the digital diagnosis monitoring (DOM) function, which is convenient for you to know the operation parameters of the optical transceiver in real time.

Now that the two optical modules are so popular, then there must be some of their unique advantages, let's learn together!
Advantages of 16G FC SFP+ module:
Cheapness:is an ideal optical module solution in the storage area network, which can help users upgrade the network at the lowest cost.
Large transmission capacity: Compared with the traditional 8G FC module, the bidirectional transmission capacity of the 16G FC SFP+ module is doubled, reaching 3200 MByte/s.
Backward compatibility: 16G FC SFP+ optical module has adaptive function and can be compatible with traditional 8G/4G/2G FC network. Not only can be seamlessly connected to the existing FC network devices, but also meet the needs of future network upgrades.

Advantages of 25G FC SFP+ module:
Similar to 10G Ethernet, 25G Ethernet also uses one transmission channel for 25G transmission, that means the transmission rate of 25G FC SFP+ module is 2.5 times as much as the 10G SFP+ module.
25G FC SFP+ module can also make full use of the existing 10G Ethernet cabling system, easily upgrade to the 25G network, thus greatly reduce the upgrade cost of network.

In addition to CISCO compatible, ETU can also provide many brands of 16/25G SFP+ module, all will be strictly tested before shipment. Not only cost-effective, compatibility is also very good. For more details, can visit our official website

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