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How to choose the right optical module
November 01,2017 14:24:51
With the rapid development of information technology, the application of optical communication has become more and more popular. With the advantages of large capacity and high-speed transmission, Fiber Optic Transceiver Modules is playing a more and more important role. Where there is fiber, the optical module is needed, and the selection and purchase of the optical module has become the focus of the front-line engineering technicians or purchasing personnel.
There are many types of optical transceivers on the market, often dazzling. So, how to choose the most suitable module in many different speed, different packaging, different functions of the Optical Transceiver Module? We will give you some tips.

◆ Choose the module based on your usage environment
How fast the speed of transmission you need? 155M, 1G, 10G or 100G? The higher transmission rate means higher cost investment. For example, the application environment of FTTH, it's enough to use about 1G speed products for current bandwidth. It's not necessary to choose 10G products with more money.

◆ Transmission distance
The common optical modules are divided into short distance (300M-2KM), middle distance (10KM-40KM), long distance (>40km), The farther the transmission distance, the higher the technical and technological requirements of the optical module.

◆ Compatibility
When purchasing optical modules, need to confirm whether it can be compatible with your devices. Common switch brands like CISCO, HUAWEI, H3C, Juniper, D-link, HP, IBM, dell, Mikrotik etc., modules need to be tested compatibility before shipment. Before purchasing, it is best to confirm that it can be perfectly compatible with the corresponding brand switch.

◆ Select the original one or compatible one according to the budget situation
The original module is reliable but the price is too high, compatible module is cost-effective, comparable to the original module. Different users need to make specific choices according to the budget.

◆ After-sale service
Although the optical module is a mature optical communication device, most manufacturers' products are stable and reliable. However, there may be some problems in the use after purchase, so choose the vendors who have after-sales service and technical support are more secure.

Above are the factors that we often consider when purchasing optical modules, hope will be helpful to you. ETU-Link is a professional module manufacturer, we provide various module solutions to meet your different needs. For more details, welcome to visit our website:

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