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40G&100G Data Center Solutions
November 17,2017 09:01:56
With the development of the technology and people's requirements, Higher speed transmission is needed for everything, especially for the data center. But how to set up this high density data center optical cable system? Which need us to prepare?
Today, we will give an answer to you, wish it can be helpful for you!

1. Which solution and why will the data center use?
Most High density data center optical cable system will use plug-play, high density, extendable, pre-terminated fiber cable system solution.
By installing different ports of the optical fiber boxes and optical adapters panels in the FHD series of optical distribution and patch panels to realize the integration with the fiber infrastructure.
This solution support the 10G to 25G / 40G /  50G / 100G exchange, and supply a very higher density, low cost, easily managing and higher reliable system for the data center.

2. Which need to be prepared for the 40G /100G data center solution?


Reference pictures



FHD Optical Fiber Distribution
Box (ODB)

19-inch standard rackmount for four adapter panels or four MPO / MTP high-density distribution box, with plug-play and flexible deployment features.
Usually used for fiber termination, fiber splicing, fiber optic cabling and fiber optic storage.
Maximizing use of the rack and cabinet limited space, the ideal solution for higher density system.


Optic Adapter


realize the different connector connecting, such as LC/SC/MTP/RJ45...and so on.

Patch Cords


MTP/MPO connector is easily to plug and install, also can relieve channel blockage and improve airflow.



Pre-wired design, modular system handling, improve the fault repair and reconfiguration time during movement.
Widely used for data center MDA, IDC or HAD management.

40G Switch


not contain the PHY chip, effectively realize low latency, low power consumption. Support dual redundant power supply.

40G Modules


realize the high density data transmission, improve the speed and flexibility.
Manage lager capacity.

Cat6 Patch Cord


support higher transmit rate, reduce the consumption.
fit 10G Ethernet network system.

1U Removable
 Horizontal Cable Management Frame


Simple design,19-inch standard rack-mounted, steel baking process, comes with D-ring & horizontal handle to protect the cable bending radius.
Surface detachable installation panel design to facilitate on-site construction operations.

3. How do we set up the 40/100G high density data center system?
Every system design is resulted from the goals that the designer wants, and use the different devices, but the mostly common using material are as the above listed.

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