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About Compatibility: Third-Party vs. Brand Optics
January 22,2018 18:12:01
As we all know, Third-party optics are very important in network component market, and the market share is soaring. 
ETU-Link, as a trustworthy and professional optical transceivers supplier,sets strict standards to ensure their compatibility and performance.

1. Third-Party Transceivers: Lower Cost & Decent Performance

In reality, most of transceivers-whether original or third-party are made from similar stock components. 
They are built and assembled in the exact same plants as first-party equipment, according to strict standards of MSA. 
The only difference is that the vendor label, along with a few hundred dollars you would spend on the original transceiver.
optical transceivers supplier

2.ETU-Link goes further than other Third-Party vendors
Nor all 3rd party optical network transceivers are created equal. 
ETU-Link knows the importance and addresses every step in our manufacturing and sourcing process.
Compatible Transceivers for various Demands
        The compatibility of transceivers to the devices is controlled by OEM software codes embeded in the transceiver. 
        The compatibility is strictly tested and controlled: for major-brands(Cisco, Huawei, HP, etc) compatible transceivers, we use the same software codes as the original vendor.        
        While for niche brand brand switches, ETU-Link engineer our neutral codes to make sure it can be compatible with almost all brands. 

3.Compatibility is key, so how ETU-Link ensures it?
ETU-Link as an advanced manufacturer and supplier of compatible optical transceiver, in order to ensure high compatibility with mainstream brand optics, each transceiver module is tested in original-brand switches in the professional center.

You can hence rest assured by using optical transceivers backed by ETU-Link.
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