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SFF-8472 Standard Knowledge sharing
January 17,2018 14:15:19

Good morning! Last time we talked about the Optical transceiver structural analysis.
Today, we will share some knowledge of SFF-8472 Standard.

As we all know, Optical transceivers play an important role in the data center, many international organizations have formulated various standards,
like GBIC, SFF-0053, INF-8074 and SFF-8472.

1. What is SFF-8472 standard?
The SFF-8472 is a MSA(Multi-source Agreement) on digital monitoring of optics. 
It defines a reference frame for Optical module manufacturers, the products with seamless interoperability 
and OAM parameters can be shared across the optical communications industry.

2. What parameters does SFF-8472 regulate?
The SFF-8472 Standard regulates the important parameters of optical modules and switches. Like the below picture shows.




Working Voltage


+/-3% Standard Values

Operating Temperature


+/-3 ℃

Received Power

-40-8.2 dBm

+/-3 dBm

Transmission Power

-40-8.2 dBm

+/-3 dBm

Laser Bias

0-131 mA

+/-10% Standard Values

3.DDM function in SFF-8472 Standard?

The main purpose of SFF-8472 Standard is to define the digital diagnostic monitoring function(DDM).
It's a technology used in GBIC/SFP/SFP+ optical module to help users monitor the real-time parameters of the optical modules. (For example, some parameters in the above list)
Besides, it also defines alarm flags or alarm conditions.

4.The benefits of using DDM function of the SFF-8472 Standard?

By monitoring the laser transmitter bias current to predict the life of the optical module.
Quickly determine the range of failures in an optical network system.
Check whether the optical module can be normally used on a network device.
Optical modules conforming to SFF-8472 Standard arr better for the requirements of modern and future optical network communications.
ETU-Link supply optical modules in line with SFF-8472 Standard, and prices are competitive, welcome to contact.

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