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How to distinguish the wavelength form the ring color of the optical transceiver?
November 03,2016 10:36:57

The ring color of the optical transceivers are colorful, different colors corresponding to different wavelength. In order to make the new colleagues to be more convenient and more quickly to distinguish each color corresponds to the wavelength, the following is a a simple summary.


1. The commonly used wavelength corresponds to the ring color

850nm —— Black

1310nm —— Blue

1490nm —— Purple

1550nm —— Yellow


Note: Usually the ring of 1550nm wavelength is yellow, if the module is more than 120KM, we will use green.

2. The corresponding color for each wavelength of CWDM module

1470nm —— Grey

1490nm —— Purple

1510nm —— Blue

1530nm —— Green

1550nm —— Yellow

1570nm —— Orange

1590nm —— Red

1610nm —— Brown

Although today's content seems very simple, but it is also very important, we need to pay special attention to this. Hope these content will be useful to everyone!

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