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Do you know the armored patch cord?
January 04,2017 18:30:05
Ordinary patch cord surface will be easily damaged after a long time of use, affecting the transmitting quality. Therefore armored patch cord began to be used by more and more people, today we will introduce the armored optical patch cord.

Armored optical patch cord has the features of high tensile, compression, bending, fire prevention, moisture proof and anti mouse bite, is mainly used for the internal transmission of residential areas, outdoor places and computer rooms.



The structure of armored optical patch cord
※ Small diameter stainless steel hose as the protective layer closest to the optical fiber, to prevent damage caused by mechanical force.
※ Optical patch cord contains imports of Kevlar fiber, it has permanent heat flame resistance, permanent antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, high strength and high wear resistance.

※ High strength PVC as surface material, can flame retardant, chemical corrosion resistance, tear resistance, and increases the softness and elasticity of armor optical patch cord.


The advantages of armored optical patch cord
※ Small diameter stainless steel spiral hose protection, high tensile, anti rat bite.
※ -45~85°C working temperature, can be used in most parts of the world.
※ More tough, the damage to armored optical patch cord is small when construction, the construction is more convenient.
※ Easy to install, can be used in harsh environments.
※ Durable, can reduce the cost of future maintenance.
※ Prevent the damage caused by improper bending.

Ordinary patch cord is easy to be damaged by animals, environment, weather and acid when using, is relatively fragile, maintenance management costs will be large. The armored patch cord not only retains all the advantages of the standard optical patch cord, also adopted the structure designed for harsh environment. It is adapta

ble, large compressive resistance, low cost, thus highly favored.

Above are the detailed introduction of armored patch cord. If you are interested in more optical communication knowledge, welcome to visit for more information!

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