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Sharing of fixed optical attenuator
December 22,2016 10:01:41
Optical attenuator is the optical device for reducing optical signal power. Depending on the application, the optical attenuator can be divided into adjustable optical attenuator and fixed optical attenuator. Today we will introduce the basics of fixed optical attenuators.

The attenuation power of fixed optical attenuator is fixed(1 dB, 5 dB, 10 dB etc). The attenuation power of fixed optical attenuator is between 1 dB to 30 dB now, generally used in telecommunications networks, fiber test equipment, LAN and CATV systems. As shown below, fixed optical attenuators usually have two interfaces, are the male connector interface and the female connector interface.



Types of fixed optical attenuators
According to different connector interface types, fixed fiber attenuator can be divided into LC, SC, ST, FC, MU fiber attenuator, etc., In addition, each connector interface fixed optical attenuator can also be subdivided into APC and UPC two polishing methods.
Now the most commonly used fixed optical attenuator has LC (male) - LC (female) optical attenuator and LC (female) - LC (female) optical attenuator. Among them, LC (female) - LC (female) optical fiber attenuator is a special attenuator, both ends are female head connector interface, so it is also called adapter type fixed optical attenuator.



Usage method of fixed optical attenuator
As shown below, the fixed optical attenuator is always used at the receiving end of the fiber link, this is easy for people to test the optical power before and after attenuation.



Following picture will introduce the usage method of connector type (male-female) fixed optical attenuator and adapter type (female -female) fixed optical attenuator.



ETU-Link offers a range of fixed optical attenuator solutions, these fixed optical attenuators have multiple connector interface types and operating wavelengths for your option, to meet your different demands.
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