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How to maintain the SFP transceiver
November 07,2016 09:14:30
SFP optical transceiver covers a lot of precision optical components and circuit components. In daily use, we need to follow the norms of operation, otherwise, it is very easy to make the optical transceiver damage. Below, we will introduce some of the optical transceiver routine maintenance methods.

1.ESD protection
※ Electrostatic protection(Wear anti-static gloves and anti-static bracelet, to prevent Electrostatic damage), as far as possible to touch the optical module casing;
※ Keep the using environmental humidity of optical transceiver maintain at 30 ~ 75%RH;

※ Strictly prohibiting the hot plugging operation for the non hot plug device.



2. Optical port protection  
※ Must keep the end face of the optical connector clean;
※ Avoid prolonged exposure the transceiver port, put on the dust plug when not use;
※ Optical connector should be inserted into the port level, to avoid scratching end face or sleeve. Golden finger should be down, pay attention to the positive and negative side can not be reversed;
※ Select the optical connector meet network standard.

3.Correct use method
※ To avoid the module gold finger expose long, develop the habit of using the dust cap, to prevent light exposure and damage; 
※ When inserted, should maintain optical connector insert into the port level, ensure docking accuracy; When pulled out, pull the lock of SFP transceiver down, pull the SFP transceiver out slowly; 
※ Handle gently, reduce accidental damage to the optical transceiver.



Hope that the SFP optical module maintenance experience sharing will be helpful to you to use optical transceiver properly. ETU-Link can supply a series of optical transceivers, such as SFP, SFP+, X2, XENPAK, XFP, CWDM/DWDM, 40G QSFP+ and CFP etc. Think what you want, do what you need. In addition, we can also customize the modules to meet your specific requirements.


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