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Knowledge sharing for active optical cable
February 28,2018 08:55:42

In today's big data age, the demand for high speed and high bandwidth is getting bigger and bigger. There is an urgent desire to have a new product as the main transmission medium for high performance computing and data centers. So the active optical cable (AOC) appears in this environment. What is active optical cable? What are the areas of application and what are the advantages? Today we will answer for you!


The main components of Active Optical Cables are divided into two parts, the optical path and the circuit. As a main transmission medium of high-performance computer and data center, active optical fiber ensures transmission stability and application flexibility, which is more common in high-density applications.



What are the advantages of Active Optical Cable?

Compare with DAC cable:

The transmission power is lower on the system link.

The volume is about half of the copper cable, the weight is only 1/4 of DAC cable

In the cabling system of the machine room, the air flow is better and the heat dissipation is stronger.

The cable bending radius smaller than copper cable;

The distance is longer, can reach 100~300 meters.

The bit error rate of the product transmission performance is also better, and the BER can reach 10^-15.


Compare with optical transceiver:

The optical interface of the AOC is not exposed, there is no problem of cleaning and polluting the optical interface.

Higher system stability and reliability

Make the network system more convenient for management and maintenance

Greatly reducing the operation and maintenance cost, improving the efficiency.


What are the applications of the active optical cable?

In the laboratory and the teaching center, the active optical cable connects many machines to the host, not only ensures the high-speed transmission of data, but also ensures the security of the network.

Both data centers and cloud computing systems require higher bandwidth and lower power. The active 10G SFP+ and 40G QSFP+ an be well connected to devices(switches and routers) with high-speed optical communication ports .

In the common digital signs, active optical cable also plays an important role. It can support the resolution of 1080p in the outdoor HDMI environment. AOC is also useful in large outdoor interactive games.



Why use active optical cable?

As we know, the passive cable has heavy weight and large volume. It does not conform to the requirements of the data center for high density. And because of the nature of the electrical signal, EMI limits the performance and reliability of copper. However, the active optical cable breaks through the limitations of the passive cable and plays an important role in high speed data transmission.


Active optical cable is widely used in high density data center as the advantages of long transmission distance, fast transmission rate and convenient use. ETU-Link provides various types of active optical cables with high stability and reliability, and can also provide a highly cost-effective solution for users. For more details, welcome to visit our website:

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