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Make the optical module write code “so Easy”
September 01,2017 15:37:52
When a customer asks us for an inquiry, we will ask the customer a question: Could you tell me the compatibility? Cisco, HUAWEI, Juniper or others? This is very important for our product!
So what is the compatibility? Why is it so important? Today we will learn about it together!

We all know a common sense, one key can only be opened one lock. The switch is like a lock, and the compatible code written in the optical transceiver module is a key, the key to unlock can not be the same. Similarly, the code of the optical module is also different. There are many brands of switches, and modules are written into the corresponding code. If you are using on the CISCO switch, then the CISCO optical transceiver will have to be written to code.

Maybe you will think writing code is a very complicated thing. In fact, writing code is actually very easy, easy to learn. We will illustrate with examples below:

After reading this article, do you still think that it is hard to write code? ETU-Link is willing to share the knowledge we’ve learn with you, hope that we can grow together!

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