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June 22,2016 09:26:21

Optical patch cord refers to the fiber which is directly connected with the desktop computers or devices, to facilitate the connection and management of equipment. It is used to make the patch cord from device to optical fiber wiring link. With thicker protective layer, generally used in the connection between the Optical and the terminal box.



The structure of optical patch cord
Optical patch cord(Also name optical connector) refers to fit with connector plug on the cable ends, for realizing optical path activity connection; One end with a plug is called pigtail.

Optical Patch Cord is similar with Coaxial cable, just without mesh screen. Center is the glass core of light transmission.The diameter of the core is 50μm~65μm in multi-mode fibers, roughly equal to the thickness of a person's hair. While the diameter of the core is 8μm~10μm in single-mode fibers. The core is surrounded by a layer of glass envelope, its refractive index is lower than the core, to keep the optical fiber in the core. There is a thin layer of plastic jacket outside the glass envelope, to protect the envelope.


The classification of optical patch cord
According to the transmission medium: single-mode and multi-mode jumper jumper.
According to the structure of connection head: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, SMA, FDDI, E2000, DIN4, D4 etc.
The common optical patch cord: LC-LC,SC-SC,FC-LC,FC-ST,FC-SC,SC-ST etc.

Single-mode Fiber: The color is usually yellow, the joint and the protection cover is blue; Longer transmission distance.
Multi-mode Fiber: The color is usually orange, OM3 is aquamrine, OM4 is purple,sometimes is blue. The joint and the protection cover is beige or black; Shorter transmission distance.


The features of optical patch cord
※ Low insertion loss
※ Good repeatability
※ Large return loss
※ Good mutual insert performance
※ Good temperature stability
※ Strong tensile strength

Application of optical patch cord
Optical patch cord products are widely applied to: Communication room, FTTH, LAN, optical fiber sensor, fiber communication system,fiber connection transmission equipment, National defense etc. Suitable for CATV network, telecommunication network, computer fiber network and optical test equipment.
Subdivision is mainly used in several aspects:
※ Fiber communication system
※ Optical access network
※ Fiber data transmission
※ Fiber CATV
※ Test equipment
※ Fiber sensor


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