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The process of SMT
June 22,2016 11:04:12
In order to make us to develop better, understand more information about product device, our company arranged us to go to the raw material supplier to learn the process of SMT.Sharing information are as follows:

SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology,is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronics assembly industry.SMT refers to the series technological process of processing on the basis of PCB.PCB means Printed Circuit Board.

Elements of the basic process of SMT:Printing solder paste-->Parts mounting-->Solidifying-->Reflow welding-->AOI-->Repairing-->Cutting board
-->Grinding board-->Washing board.

1.Printing solder paste:To print the Wuxi paste on the pad of PCB,prepare for welding of components.The equipment is screen printing machine, located at the front of the SMT production line.

2.Parts mounting:Accurately install the surface mount component on the fixed position of PCB.The device is placement machine, located in the back of the screen printing machine.

3.Solidifying:Its function is to melt SMT adhesives,so that make surface mount components and PCB board firmly bonded together.The equipment is curing oven, located in the back of the placement machine.

4.Reflow welding:Its role is to make the solder melting, make the surface mount component and PCB board firmly spliced together.The equipment is reflow oven,located in the back of the placement machine.


5.AOI:Its function is to check the welding quality and the assembly quality.The equipment is automatic optical inspection (AOI), orders usually in the tens of thousands or more, if small order, by artificial detection.Position according to the needs of detection,can be configured in the appropriate place of the production line.Some before reflow soldering, and some after reflow soldering.

6.Repairing:To repair the fault PCBA.The tool is iron, rework stations etc..Configure after AOI optical detection.

7.Cutting board:Segmenting the Multi connecting plate PCBA,to form a single individual,general use the V-cut and machine cutting methods.

8.Grinding board:Its role is to mill off burr,make it smooth.

9.Washing the board:To remove the harmful welding residues on the PCBA,such as flux.There are artificial cleaning and machine cleaning.The position can not be fixed, can online, or not online.

Advantages of SMT processing:
※ High density, small size and light weight.
※ High reliability and strong seismic capacity. Solder joint defect rate is low.
※ Good high-frequency characteristics. It reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
※ Easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency.Reduce the cost up to 30%~50%.Save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc..

Due to the process flow of SMT processing is complex,there are many SMT processing factories,professional to do the processing of SMT.In Shenzhen, SMT processing achieves the prosperity of an industry benefited from the rapid development of the electronics industry.

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