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Passive Copper Cable VS Active Optical Cable
June 13,2017 11:23:33
Now DAC and AOC cable are widely used, their wire material is different, but the function is the same. The customer will be confused how to choose since the function is the same. What are their advantages and disadvantages? At the customer's request, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of DAC and AOC cable!

According to the wire material, can be divided into:
Direct Attach Cable, including active and passive DAC cable
Active Optical Cable(AOC)

The following picture shows the transmission mode of active and passive DAC cable and active optical cable.

DAC and AOC cable have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1.DAC cable

Higher data transmission rate: The DAC cable can support data transmission rates from 4Gbps to 10Gbps, is higher than traditional copper cable.
Strong interchangeability: With the development of copper technology, DAC cable and optical transceiver are interchangeable and hot swappable.
Low cost: Copper cable is cheaper than fiber, using DAC cable will reduce wiring cos.
Good heat dissipation: The DAC cable is made of copper core and has good heat dissipation effect.

※ Short transmission distance, heavy weight, large volume, difficult to manage.
※ Susceptible to electromagnetic interference, such as adverse response and degradation etc.

2. AOC cable

Larger bandwidth: Device upgrades are not required, with throughputs up to 40Gbps.
Lightweight: Much lighter than DAC cable.
Low electromagnetic interference: because optical fiber is a dielectric, it is not easy to be affected by electromagnetic interference.

Compared with DAC cable, the cost of AOC cable is higher.

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