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The difference between single and dual fiber optical transceiver
March 01,2017 18:19:43

The are single and dual fiber optical transceiver. How do we choose, and what are their differences and advantages? Let’s learn about this!

Single fiber module also called WDM module. It uses WDM technology to realize the bidirectional transmission of optical signals on one optical fiber. BIDI module only has 1 port, wave filtering through the filter of module, and finished the transmitting of 1310nm optical signal and receiving of 1550nm optical signal, or opposite. Therefore the module must be used in pairs.

Common wavelength of BIDI optical module

SFP: TX1310/RX1550nm; TX1550/RX1310nm; TX1490/RX1550nm; TX1550/RX1490nm; TX1310nm/Rx1490nm; TX1490nm/Rx1310nm

10G SFP+: TX1270/RX1330nm; TX1330/RX1270nm

Dual fiber module has two ports, TX is transmitting port, RX is receiving port. Both transmitting and receiving needs one optical fiber.

Common wavelength of dual fiber optical module
SFP: 850nm; 1310nm; 1550nm
10G SFP+: 850nm; 1310nm; 1550nm

The advantages of BIDI module: BIDI optical module is relatively expensive, but save fiber resources, only need one fiber. It is a better choice for users with insufficient fiber resources.

The advantages of dual fiber module: The both ends module don’t need to be used in pairs, any 2 can be connected. It’s cheaper than the BIDI optical module. But needs two fibers, can choose the dual fiber module if the optical fiber resources are sufficient.

How single fiber modules to save fiber resources? You will know from below picture.
For example: Dual fiber module is $6/pcs, single fiber module is $10/pcs, patch cord is $0.15/pcs.

Which do you think is more economical? I believe you have the answer in mind!

BiDi optical module may be a little expensive than the common optical module, but it can save you the cost of optical cable from the whole network program. ETU-Link offers various rate compatible BiDi optical modules, has 3-5K stock every month. If you plan to purchase BiDi optical modules to build or upgrade the network, welcome to contact us or visit our website!

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