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The expectation of 2017
March 05,2017 17:03:28
In the new year, the company will have a qualitative leap, we are also full of hope. Let’s take a look at our plans!

1. Talent recruitment

With the development of company, the continuous development of business, we need these talents.



2. R&D trends
※ 25G SFP28
※ 100G QSFP28
※ 100G CFP



3. Exhibition dynamics
Based on the company's customer resources as well as the initial positioning, combined with pre-sales customer development work, company plans to attend some exhibitions this year.
※ Asia Exhibition
China—— CIOE (
Singapore—— COMMUNICASIA2017 Tour
※ European Exhibition
Germany—— ECOC




4. Marketing strategy



5. Technological innovation
Whether in the past year or now, we are conscientiously take every step. What have we accumulated? How can we work hard in the future? Let the pictures explain everything!



If want to see our achievements, maybe these links record our days!

17 years is a crucial year, we unite and make efforts, continuous efforts, we believe there will be a big leap in this year. We are full of confidence in the company!

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