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The Influences of the Temperature for the Modules
December 27,2017 08:33:00
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Winter comes now , and the weather is very cold, the temperature is almost under 0℃ in some areas, it influenced our life...
So we connect it to the modules, and Do you know the influences of the temperature for the modules?
Today, we will share all with you:

1. What is the normal temperature of the modules?
Because of the various types and brands of the Optical Transceiver Modules, the different class of temperature range is also fit the different requirements.
Mostly, modules have 3 classes temperature: commercial class, extend class, industrial class. Following is the details about the three:

Types of temperature

Short name

Temperature range

Commercial temperature range



Extend  temperature range



Industrial  temperature range



2.What are the reasons for the higher or lower temperature?

a. Lower quality of the modules: Using the lower quality and rough work modules, the performance of modules are unstable, heat is also relatively poor;
b. Harsh environment: Temperature in different environment will change the temperature of the modules, so then influence the output power and receiver sensitivity of the modules;
c. Using the second-hand modules: the new modules is 0-70℃, but the second-hand modules can't reach this standard, so when temperature is higher or lower, modules will not work.

3.What the influences of the temperature for the modules?
a. Too higher temperature: it will cause the output power is also too big, then receiver signal will have the error, and even let the modules broken and not work;
b. Too lower temperature: normally if not expose the modules under 0℃, temperature won't too lower, if yes, it will influence the stability of the modules.

4. What the qualities of ETU for the temperature?

ETU-Link company have the temperature class standard as the field required, And will meet the customers needs for the temperature.

Also, all modules will have the aging testing to test the temperature before packaging to ensure the quality.

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