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The Training Of Label
June 20,2016 16:10:50
The company organized a training for lable through a very interesting game on this afternoon. We not only get the unexpected happiness, but also gain professional knowledge.

Although the label is small, it exhibit the brand of one company, and contains the basic information of a product. It is an integral part of the product. Let us learn some information about these label!

ETU-Link Technology Co., Ltd. mainly provides two kinds of products: active product and passive product.
* Active products: 1*9,SFP,SFP+,XFP,media converter,X2,XENPAK ect.
* Passive products: adapter,patchcord, pigtail, connector, attenuator etc.

The classification of Label:
※Active products label 1*9,SFP,SFP+,XFP,media converter,X2,XENPAK ect.

※Passive products label

※According to the shape,includes pointed label、square label and Missing angle square label.
The pointed label is apply for 100M Single Fiber/Dual Fiber optical modules, such as SFP/Bidi SFP.
The square label is apply for 10G Single Fiber/Dual Fiber optical modules, such as 10G SFP+/Bidi SFP+,10 XFP/XFP Bidi.
The missing angle square label is apply for copper-T SFP RJ45 port.
※According to the Logo, it divides into company Logo、customer Logo、neutral label and blank label.
The attention of label in the production process:
1.Color labels are not allowed to have chromatic aberration.
2.The label is not allowed to have typos.
3.The font can not be too large.
4.The size of RoHS label must be the same as CE and FCC label.

This activity rather simple and interesting, hope it will be useful for you too, any suggestion will be welcome. Look forwarder our company will launch more training which is combining knowledge with entertainment. This kind of training methods can not only make us easier to learn knowledge, but also make our relationships better. Today, we have got the progress, and you? Fighting together!

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