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What is SFP-10G-SR?
December 26,2016 18:32:18
Optical transceiver is a very important part in optical fiber communication technology, and we will often see the words SFP-10G-SR on the optical transceiver parameters. Some people don’t understand it’s meaning. Today we will explain what is SFP-10G-SR.

SFP-10G-SR is a very common optical transceiver model, CISCO, HUAWEI and other manufacturers have production, Mainly used in switches and routers, we can separate it from three elements.

SFP, Full name is Small Form-factor Pluggables, is the upgraded version of early GBIC transceiver. Smaller than GBIC, higher degree of integration. It is the most common transceiver at present, is the transceiver we usually say.

10G represents its highest transmission rate can reach 10.3Gbps, applicable to Gigabit ethernet. 10G optical network has spread out in the telecommunications network, 10G switches are also being used by more and more people.

SR represents the transmission distance of optical transceiver, SR, LR, ER and ZR are more common in 10G IEEE standard. They represent the transmission distance from short to long, you can check from below table.


10G IEEE standard

Transmission distance

ETU model














We need to consider compatibility and cost when select the optical transceiver.

There are many third party manufacturers produce optical transceivers compatible with CISCO SFP-10G-SR on the market, but not all compatibility is good. So when purchase optical transceivers, we must first ensure that it is compatible with the switch.

Next is the cost, many users will choose the original optical transceiver,of course is the best if under sufficient funds. ETU-Link provides SFP-10G-SR compatible module with cost-effective, good quality and reasonable price, become the choice of more and more people.



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