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Which optical modules and optical cables can be selected for deploying 10Gigabit Ethernet?
June 08,2018 10:51:48
Over the years, the improvement of 10Gigabit Ethernet technology, the decline in price and the advantages of performance have made its applications out of the data center of the enterprise and extended to the medium-sized network market. The increase in bandwidth demand and the growth of enterprise applications have promoted the wider deployment of 10Gigabit Ethernet. Which optical modules and optical cables can be selected for deploying 10Gigabit Ethernet? Do you know the answer?

Why does 10Gigabit Ethernet attract people’s attention? What advantages does it have?
  • Provide enough flexibility;
  • Save resources on the use of fiber;
  • Save wiring cost;
  • Better support for large data flow;
  • Investment deployment is more long-term and effective;
  • Can transmit farther distances.

Which optical transceivers and optical cables can be selected for deploying 10Gigabit Ethernet?
1、10G SFP+ optical module
The SFP+ optical module is a hot pluggable optical transceiver that is independent of the communication protocol. The transmission rate is 10G, which is used for 10G bps SONET/SDH, fiber channel, 10G Ethernet and other applications.

2、10G XFP optical module
The 10G XFP optical module is a replaceable compact media connector, the network devices can be connected with a variety of optical fiber transmission medium, can easily achieve high port density application, generally applicable to the 10G Ethernet, 10GFC and OC-192 SDH applications.

3、10G X2 optical module
10G X2 optical modules can provide a variety of 10G Ethernet connection solutions for data centers, enterprise cabling rooms and telecom operators.

4、10G XENPAK optical module
10G XENPAK optical module is the first generation 10G optical module, which can transmit signals on optical fiber at the wavelength of 850/1310/1550nm.
The XENPAK optical module can also be used in CWDM and DWDM systems. It is an economical network extension solution that can support transmission distance up to 80km.

DAC is a cable component with fixed connectors at both ends, It is a low cost and high efficiency high-speed data communication solution to alternative optical modules, that can be connected a router or server to switch. 

AOC is optical fiber equipped with optical transceivers at both ends. External energy is needed to complete the conversion of optical / electrical signals. It is a major transmission medium for high-performance computers and data centers. AOC ensure the stability of transportation and flexibility of the application, it is more common in high density applications.

10Gigabit Ethernet technology has gradually matured. Increased bandwidth requirements and the growth of enterprise applications have contributed to the wider deployment of 10Gigabit Ethernet. ETU-Link provides a variety of high-quality 10Gigabit optical modules, DAC and AOC, all of them have strong compatibility and stable performance. For more product details, please visit our website:

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