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Aging Testing For SFP Transceiver
April 06,2016 21:54:21

Quality is very important for all products, such as SFP Transceiver, only maintian the good quality, the products can be got the trust from the cusotmer , is it right ?

To control the quality of the product,we will conduct some testing, including Material testing, Product parameter testing, Distance testing, Switch testing and Aging testing.

A.The purpose of Aging testing:

1.Finding the failure product in advance before shipment

2.Prohibiting the faulty module to leave the factory.

3.Decreasing reject rate

4.Guaranteeing the working stability of the products after leaving the factory

B.The testing process of our product:

1. Install the module to the aging board.

2. Turn on the power.

3. Connect the male and female plug.

4. Turn on the aging machine power switch.

5. Close the aging machine door.

6. Click Run on the display.

7. Temperature setting is 75,humidity setting is 0.

8. Working on it about 24 hours.

9. After finishing the aging, put them back well.

10.Test launch and test receive.

As a professional manufacture, we are focus on the steady quality and excellent service.

Hope the customer will get the powerful support between our cooperation!

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