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Analysis of Optical module Market
September 02,2016 15:39:58

There are many types of optical modules, including 1×9, SFF, SFP, GBIC, XENPAK, XFP, SFP+ modules etc. The demand for data traffic and bandwidth is increasing day by day in recent years, optical communications market continued to show a trend of rapid growth. So how will be trend of the optical module in the future?


With the rapid development of the big data market, the backbone network, access network and data center construction all need to purchase a large number of optical communication products. So as to bring a new market opportunities for the optical module industry. The global big data market size has reached 38 billion 400 million dollars in 2015, and rapid expand by 51.44% of the compound annual growth rate.




Optical module is an important part of optical communication equipment, the continuous development of the optical communication market will directly lead to the development of the optical module market. The global and Chinese module market size is steady growing in recent years. The sales revenue of global optical module market reached 3 billion 50 million dollars in 2011. To 2015, the global optical module market size has exceeded 4 billion 620 million dollars, and average annual growth rate reached 10.94%.



The average annual growth rate of global optical module market is about 8.6% in the next five years. To 2020, market sales revenue will increase to 7 billion 100 million dollars. At the same time, with the development of ultra high frequency, ultra high speed and ultra large capacity of optical communication networks, high-speed optical module has become a hot spot in the development of optical module market.



Based on industry data analysis, Chinese optical module market revenue is about 950 million dollars in 2011, its proportion is about 31.2% in the global optical module market; Chinese optical module market revenue has increased to 1 billion 620 million dollars in 2015, the proportion in the global optical module market also rose to 35.1%.



With the economic globalization and the development of domestic telecommunication industry, the R & D capabilities and production technology of domestic optical module manufacturers constantly improve. Combined with product cost advantages, market competitiveness is significantly enhanced, so that foreign communications equipment manufacturers have also increased the purchasing power of domestic optical module products. At the same time, foreign communications equipment manufacturers gradually transfer production and R & D base to the China mainland in recent years to reduce the cost. Which led the optical module market demand in China mainland. Our module exports continued to grow, the industry market space continues to expand.

In the face of broad market prospects, do the domestic manufacturers need to think about the adverse effects brought by how to break through the price competition? How to expand and extend the trade between China and foreign countries, break the conventional low impact mode? Let's think about it!



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