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Return procedure of ETU-link
May 16,2017 09:21:02

The circulation of products on the market, especially electronic products, after-sales service is very important. Once the product is sold, it may be necessary to provide a supporting replacement service.

For example, the leading brands of optical communications--- CISCO, provide after-sales service to local customers. ETU-Link as a rising star in the industry, although can’t provide after-sales service locally, we are still focused on quickly resolving any questions raised by the customer regarding the use of the product.

In order to facilitate the timely feedback from customers and deal with the goods returned, continuously improve customer experience satisfaction. Therefore, sorting out ETU-Link return process:



※ When the customer makes a complaint, sales should actively communicate with customers, get relevant information back to engineer, analyze the causes of possible problems based on working status of products. Which need to confirm whether the product belongs to our company, when the orders belong to, whether in the warranty period? As follows:


1. Provide order date/order No.

A. Check the warranty period(Three-year warranty)

a. Within the warranty period(After leaving the factory, the quality problems belong to our company, can be renewed within 1 years and guaranteed within 3 years), we can provide customers free return service.

b. Over the warranty period, the product maybe over the service life, if the customer requests to return and repair;We provide maintenance services, but not free.

B. Check the the specific product information and requirements of the order.


2.Provide product information

A. The quantity of the order

B. The product model of complaints and the corresponding quantity


※ Require customers to provide data information that may arise in the event of adverse work and feedback to the Engineer for analysis.

Problem type

A. Quality problems(A small number of products damaged)

B. Compatibility problems

a. Device model for product application, eg: Cisco Catalyst 3850 ,Huawei9303

b. SN of the problem products(Easy for the engineer to check the code of corresponding product, find the solution to the problems)

c. The specific information read out when the module is plugged in the device (Easy for the engineers to analyze the problem, then propose the solutions)


If the customer doesn’t know more information about the device , then

Kindly refer to the following contents to the customer,ask customers to provide similar information:

dis transceiver interface XGigabitEthernet1/0/0 verbose



XGigabitEthernet1/0/0 transceiver information:


Common information:

  Transceiver Type               :10GBBASE_SR_XFP

  Connector Type                 :LC

  Wavelength(nm)                 :1550

 Transfer Distance(e)           :40km(SMF)

  Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  :YES

  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI      n  

  Vendor Part Number             :10GB-XFP-ER    

  Ordering Name                  :


Manufacture information:

  Manu. Serial Number            :1401060758     

  Manufacturing Date             :2014-01-10

  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI      n  


Alarm information:


Diagnostic information:

  Temperature(¡ãC)                      :32

  Voltage(envy)                         :3.35

  Bias Current(mA)                      :34.83

  Bias High Threshold(mA)               :90.00

  Bias Low  Threshold(mA)               :3.00

  Current Rx Power(dBM)                 :-6.37

  Default Rx Power High Threshold(dBM)  :1.00

  Default Rx Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-20.00

  Current Tx Power(dBM)                 :0.99

  Default Tx Power High Threshold(dBM)  :6.00

  Default Tx Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-3.00

  User Set Rx Power High Threshold(dBM) :1.00

  User Set Rx Power Low Threshold(dBM)  :-20.00

  User Set Tx Power High Threshold(dBM) :6.00

  User Set Tx Power Low Threshold(dBM)  :-3.00



※ The sales should follow up the project within 24 hours and keep communication with customer, feedback to customers. If circumstances are exceptional, longer analysis or testing is required and sales personnel need to inform the customer in time.


※ After analysis, give the customer a replacement. If the customer is urgent, apply to the company whether is possible to give priority to provide replacement products to the customer. After approval, timely delivery.


※ Tested by test equipment, do product testing report and improvement plan to ensure better quality products in the future.


Two return address:

1. Shenzhen factory(small quantity)

Company: ETU-Link Technology Co., LTD

Address: 1st Floor , 7th Building , JingXuan Industry park , DongHuan 2nd Road , LongHua New District , Shenzhen City , Guangdong , China 518109

Contact: Elva Wang              Tel: 0755-23284603/15899855370

2. Hongkong branch (batch product)

Company: ETU-Link Technology Co., Ltd


Contact: Elva

Tel: 00852- 27935511/00852-23892981/0755-23284603


Note: As the return goods does not produce any economic profits, sales need to negotiate with customers to adjust the value of the goods in order to reduce the cost of import tariffs.


※ At the same time, should inform the customer to send back the feedback products with quality problems back to us. Because the engineering department needs to strictly deal with customer complaints, filing problems and analysis results, and constantly optimize product design and technology.



Timely and efficient exchange return processing service will win high confidence from customers, and it will strengthen the relationship between customers and supplier, conversely, worsen cooperation. For the long-term development of enterprises, a good enterprise must have a perfect return system. Hope our sharing will be helpful for you!


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