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What are the differences between optical patch cord and pigtail?
January 11,2017 16:32:01
Some people can’t clearly distinguish the optical patch cord and pigtail. Point at this problem, we will explain what are the differences between them!

Optical patch cord has many types of classification standard.
According to the different transmission media, can be divided into silica fiber and plastic optical patch cord and so on;

According to the structure of the connector: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, E2000 patch cord etc,.




The common optical pigtail of transmission system are SC/PC, FC/PC, LC/PC, E2000/APC, ST/PC and other interfaces, the shape and color of connector is the same as corresponding type of patch cord.



The differences between optical patch cord and pigtail:
※ Optical patch cord is used as the patch cord from device to optical fiber wiring link, it has thicker protective layer, generally used to connect the transmitter and terminal box.
※ Pigtail also call pigtail line, only one end with connecting head, while the other end is the broken end of the cable core, connect with other optical fiber core by welding, often appear in the optical fiber terminal box, use for connecting optical cable and media converter.
※ Pigtail is connected with optical cable and patch cord, patch cord is connected with pigtail and terminal equipment.
※ Pigtail only end is movable connector, patch cord both ends are movable connector. There are many kinds of interfaces, different interfaces require different couplers, patch cord can be used as pigtail.

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