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Workshop dress standard
April 12,2017 11:01:08
With the continual development of the company, we recruit many new staffs this year. New staffs may not be aware of the dress requirements of the workshop. In order to further standardize the production workshop environment and create a good work image, following will list the dress standard of workshop.

Correct dress standard:
1. In the workshop, need to wear anti-static cap, anti-static bracelet, anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes
2. Hair should be put into anti-static cap
3. The work clothes should be buttoned up and zipped out
4. Collars and hats should be neat
5. Wear anti-static shoes well

Anti-static clothes & cap

Anti-static shoes

Anti-static bracelet

Optical transceivers are very afraid of dust and static electricity, we must comply with the company's dress standards. This will not only protect our products, it will look very spirit, giving a very comfortable, very professional feeling. Hope that the old staff can set up a good example of learning and image benchmarking to the new staff, to better manage the production department!
With your support, the company will become stronger and stronger. Fighting together!

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