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Optical module solutions for Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch
February 26,2018 08:38:35

Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch is a safety intelligent switch launched by Ruijie. It has the function of security defense mechanism and user access management, can effectively prevent virus transmission and network attack. This blog will focus on modules solutions for Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch.


The appearance and parameters of Ruijie G-S5750-28GT-L switch

Fixed port

24 ports 10/100/1000Base-T adaptive Ethernet port

1 USB 2.0 port

4 non reusable SFP ports

Size (length x width * height)




Power consumption


Exchange capacity


Available modules

2.5G Stacking module

Working temperature



The characteristics of Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch

The source of the attack can be isolated and the processor and bandwidth resources of the switch are protected.

It is convenient for senior users to use, and also provides a humanized operating interface for ordinary users.

Support port loop detection function to prevent port private connection and cause network failure.

Time protocol can ensure the accuracy of the switch time and facilitate the analysis of log and traffic information

Protection of CPU is not occupied by illegal traffic, malicious attacks, and resource consumption, which fully protects the security of the switch.

The switch can be flexibly bound with the user's IP address and the MAC address, strictly restrict user access on a port.

Flexible multi - Gigabit interface, can meet the needs of multi Gigabit copper and multiple Gigabit fiber link demand, convenient user to select of cable.


The optical module solutions for Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch


ETU Model




1.25G SFP MM 850nm 550M LC connector with DDM



1.25G SFP SM 1310nm 20KM LC connector with DDM



1.25G SFP SM 1310nm 40KM LC connector with DDM



1.25G SFP SM 1550nm 80KM LC connector with DDM


In short, Ruijie RG-S5750-28GT-L switch is a high performance, high security, multi service switch. In addition, ETU-Link can provide  Ruijie compatible optical transceiver, all modules will be tested on switch before shipment. The compatibility and stability are guaranteed, and the cost performance is very high. Now it has been favored by the vast number of users. If you want to know more, welcome to visit our website

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